Flood Damaged Car Inspections Houston

Stay clear of a potential automotive-buying ordeal by getting flood damaged car inspections Houston residents can count on. Before you buy a car, give yourself the peace of mind of having the vehicle professionally inspected by a trusted auto mechanic shop to determine if it was damaged in flood waters.

Special $99 Flood Damaged Car Inspections Houston

flood damaged car inspections houston - cars sitting in water are damaged from hurricane harvey

Steve’s Automotive offers a special $99 flooded damaged car inspections Houston car buyer can trust. This inspection service for cars is to ensure you don’t buy a lemon as a result of the major floods caused by the extremely devastating Hurricane Harvey this summer. Don’t risk buying a vehicle without having a professional vehicle inspection that will determine whether or not the vehicle was flooded and permanently damaged.

Don’t Make a Car Buying Mistake! Don’t Buy a Flood Lemon Car or Truck! Be Smart and Get a Flood Inspection First.

Experts from CarFax are warning consumers that 500,000 to one million vehicles may be damaged by flooding from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Another estimate reported up to one million cars in Houston alone may be damaged by recent flooding. Flood vehicles may look and run fine, but significant underlying problems are often hidden from view and turn up as the vehicle deteriorates from the inside out.

Signs of a Flooded Vehicle

flood damage car inspections houston car engine filter shows water damageWhile it is legal to sell a flood car, car sellers must disclose the damage. Many car sellers, however, have ways to hide the fact that a car has been flooded, masking cosmetic damage. It can be very difficult to determine if a car has in fact been flooded, unless it has been examined by a qualified flood damage  inspection mechanic.

Use Your Nose Check for Smells from a Flooded Car

Typical flood damage includes a suspicious smell, either from damp materials, mildew and mold, or from chemical cleaners and air fresheners used to hide the bad odors. Look for signs of moisture, rust, water marks and water rings on the interior, including trim, carpeting, seats, belts, walls and even the ceiling. Mud, sand or grit in compartments, trunk and under the hood may be signs of flood damage, as are damaged wires.

Flooded Cars Are Not Safe to Purchase

red Ford SUV that has been flooded in Houston due to Hurricane Harvey. Avoid buying a vehicle like this with a flood inspection.Electrical, mechanical, safety and other systems may be compromised by flooding but not show up as a problem until later, making the vehicle extremely unreliable and unsafe. Flooding can cause components to corrode from the inside out. Check all electrical instruments and options you can, including lights, blinkers, stereo system, heating and air conditioning, fans, cruise control, power windows and adjustable seats. The electrical systems may work sporadically or not at all.

Thousands of Flooded Cars in Houston are for Sale. Be Smart and Get Flood Damaged Car Inspections Houston Service at Steve’s Automotive!

As a reminder, before you buy a car in Texas, take it in to a mechanic for a professional inspection or stop by Steve’s Automotive for flood damaged car inspections Houston can trust!