Four Wheel Alignment

highway traffic houston roads are hard on car and a four wheel alignment is crucial for safetyHouston roads are rough on your car and a Four wheel alignment is critical to the steering operation of your vehicle. Aligning the wheels of your vehicle makes sure your ties are correctly angled, lined up with the road surface, positioned in parallel orientation and heading straight ahead to allow proper in-line positioning. Simply put, proper four wheel alignment extends the life of your tires, plus improves the performance and handling of your vehicle. A smoother, aligned ride can also improve gas mileage. Improper alignment makes handling and steering more difficult. Automotive experts report that wheel alignment may be the single-most significant part of maintaining your wheels and tires. And, four wheel alignment service may actually be much less expensive than having to replace tires.

Amazing Full-Service Four Wheel Alignment

four wheel alignmentWhile a collision can certainly force your wheels out of alignment, a slow-speed impact with a curb, rock, pothole or other fixed object can take your wheels out of alignment, too. When your vehicle pulls to one side, that is a sure sign that you need to have your wheel alignment checked before it wears out and ruins your tires. In some cases, your vehicle will slightly drift to one side or the other. This is another sign that your vehicle needs to be checked for proper wheel alignment. If you notice abnormal, uneven wear on your tire tread, it’s time to have your wheel alignment checked. We can precisely measure every wheel’s alignment compared to factory specifications. We can also inspect your vehicle’s tires, steering components and suspension parts for any damage or maintenance needs, which can be contributing factors to poor wheel alignment. Its pure driving relief after a proper four wheel alignment is completed on your vehicle. Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle inspected for proper four wheel alignment.

Call the Four Wheel Alignment Experts at Steve’s

Every so often, do you notice your car drives to one side or the other when you let go of the steering wheel and that means it is time for a four wheel alignment.  Houston roads can sometimes be very hard on your car especially your alignment.  Hidden potholes, large curbs, rough road conditions and sometimes road debris can knock your car out of alignment.  If you hit a large pothole or several potholes over time this can cause your car to go left or right which can be very dangerous if not corrected. Four wheel alignments are a critical part of extending the life of your tires, because misaligned tires inevitably lead to poor tire performance and uneven tread wear.  At Steve’s Automotive we run all of the proper diagnostics to ensure that your alignment is straight and review any issues with you. We can help with any auto repair you need in the Midtown.

Why Should You Have a Four Wheel Alignment Services Performed at Steve’s Automotive?

four wheel alignment mechanic working on tireWe know how critical it is having a straight wheel alignment.  Wheels out of alignment can cause difficulty in vehicle performance and handling. A Four wheel alignment helps ensure that your tires are angled correctly and it also maximizes the life of your tires. Here at Steve’s Automotive, we have decades of experience when it comes to services like wheel alignment, oil changes, brakes, and much more. If your car isn’t driving like it used to then give Steve’s Automotive a call.  Wheel that are aligned correctly provide many benefits including safety and improved performance.  Conveniently located in the Houston Galleria area, Steve’s Automotive is equipped to handle every automotive repair or automotive service need.

Get Your Car Back on Track With a Good Four Wheel Alignment

four wheel alignment is needed when you hit pot holes in houston roadsIf you’ve been driving in Houston, you’ve probably noticed that the heavy rain and storms have made a negative impact on the depth of potholes and rough road conditions. Big potholes lurk throughout the areas and you never know when you could suddenly hit a big pothole!  If your car has damage from potholes give us a call. When you enlist the professional services at Steve’s Automotive, then you’ll be happy to get your smooth ride back. We understand the importance of a quality four wheel alignment to ensure that you have complete control of your vehicle. We use premium products when working on your car, and we always guarantee our work. Contact us today for a four-wheel alignment appointment.

Drive Safe Houston!

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