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Steering and Suspension | Houston Galleria and Houston Metro

Properly caring for your steering and suspension systems may be the single-most important maintenance service you can do to enhance the drive-ability of your vehicle. From providing a smooth ride on bumpy roads, supporting the vehicle, protecting the undercarriage from pothole-ridden streets to offering precise control of your vehicle from the driver’s seat, your vehicle’s steering and suspension system delivers critical driver functions. Whether you have a car with a rack and pinion steering and suspension system or a pick-up truck, van or SUV with a recirculating ball system, our team of ASE-certified technicians can provide expert steering and suspension service for your vehicle. Stop by Steve’s Automotive serves Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas, for comprehensive steering and suspension services. 

Full Service for Steering and Suspension Systems 

A properly working steering and suspension system keeps the frame connected to the wheels, while making steering safe and controlled, braking responsive and operation of the vehicle smooth. If your steering and suspension system is performing as it was designed, it will be quiet and vibration free with good steering, braking and a smooth ride. You likely need steering and suspension repairs if your vehicle moves up and down when you brake, vibrates, bounces, leans heavily or if the steering and suspension system emits strange noises. Plus, if it has been 40,000 miles since your shock absorbers and struts have been replaced, it is time to have your steering and suspension system fully checked out for issues. 

Did you know that today’s steering and suspension systems contain hundreds of various parts but that all suspension systems are based upon basics sub-sets of components? We service:

  • Electric and hydraulic and power steering systems
  • Linkages
  • Rack and pinion systems
  • Recirculating-ball steering systems
  • Shock absorbers, springs and struts
  • Suspension bushings, bearings and joints
  • Suspension systems

All of these supporting systems work together to provide a smooth ride, but when one or more of these systems wear down and malfunction, it causes problems that you likely will notice right away. If you detect an issue with your steering and suspension systems, stop by Steve’s Automotive for an expert analysis and free estimate if servicing and repairs are required.

Turn to Steve's Automotive for Steering and Suspension Service

Steve’s Automotive has been operating its auto repair center at the same Houston Galleria location since 1982, offering complete steering and suspension service at the top standards of auto care with superior customer service at affordable rates. We provides expert steering and suspension repair services for any make, model and year of any car, truck, SUV or crossover vehicle. Our work is guaranteed, too.

Expert Steering and Suspension Repair for Houston Galleria and Metro Houston 

Get your vehicle’s steering and suspension system checked at Steve’s Automotive, conveniently located at the Houston Galleria, serving the Metro Houston, Texas,  communities of:

Bellaire | Galleria | Houston | Midtown | Montrose | River Oaks | Tanglewood | Upper Kirby District

Steering and Suspension Services: Houston Galleria and Metro Houston

If you are experiencing issues with the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle, get it checked out by the ASE-certified experts at Steve's Automotive, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas. We can check out what is causing your steering and suspension problems, discuss with you the best options for service and repair to return your vehicle safely back on the road.
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