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Don’t get stranded on the highway with a broken timing belt on your vehicle. If the timing belt on your engine shows signs of wear or slippage, it is time to bring your vehicle into Steve’s Automotive, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas, for a timing belt check. A timing belt is an essential component to keep your engine running perfectly in time, and if it is damaged, you risk the likelihood it will break completely, leaving your vehicle inoperable and stranded.

Operating in the same Houston Galleria location since 1982, our team of factory and Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians are trained to provide the best standard of automotive care at cost-effective rates. Our objective is your complete satisfaction with our Galleria auto repair services—every time. 

Servicing Timing Belts for All Makes and Models of Vehicles

A timing belt is a flexible, continuous toothed strap—a simple, but critical component of your vehicle’s engine. The timing belt maintains the timing of the crankshaft and camshaft rotation, causing the intake and exhaust valve operate correctly on every stroke of the engines combustion cylinders. In some configurations, the timing belt also operates additional parts like the coolant pump, oil pump and water pump.

Remember, timing belts have to be replaced according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended mileage or years in use. If a timing belt is not replaced during the recommended schedule, it could cause—in some types of engines—complete engine breakdown or loss of the engine. Some manufacturers recommend timing belt replacement after 30,000 to 50,000 miles. It is important to check your owner’s manual for the maintenance schedule for the timing belt and other components of your vehicle. 

Steve’s Automotive, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, provides expert timing belt service and replacement for any make, model and year of any car, truck, SUV or crossover vehicle. Bring in your vehicle for a timing belt check. We will inspect it for cracks, wear, fraying and other damage that could be a red flag that the belt could fail soon. When technicians on our team replace a timing belt in our precision process, we test its placement so that the timing or your engine is perfect. We guarantee our work, too.

We offer servicing and replacement of timing belts for all vehicles. And as we inspect and check your timing belt, we will keep a close eye on damage to other components in the engine of your vehicle, including the alternator bracket, camshaft sprocket, crankshaft, drive belts, idler pulley, oil seals, timing belt tensioner pulley, water pump and water pump pulley.

Your Galleria Source for Timing Belt Replacement

Bring in your vehicle for a check of your timing belt. Feel the confidence that a certified automotive professional as Steve’s Automotive has inspected the timing belt in your engine and has consulted with you on whether it is fully functional or needs to be replaced. Steve’s Automotive is conveniently located at the Houston Galleria, serving the Metro Houston, Texas,  communities of:

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The Timing Belt Experts for Houston Galleria and Metro Houston

Prevent a catastrophic failure of your vehicle's engine by making sure your timing belt is A-OK with help from Steve's Automotive, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas. Stop by our automotive center for a quick and easy check. Whether or not it needs replacing, you will be glad you have had Steve's Automotive check on it for you.
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