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Engine intake valves let fresh air into the cylinders of an engine, while exhaust valves let exhaust from the cylinders exit the engine. If you suspect problems with the engine valves of your vehicle, get in touch with the engine valve service experts at Steve’s Automotive, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston, Texas. If the engine of your vehicle is misfiring, sputtering, using an unusual amount of engine oil or is not performing like it should, you should let Automotive Service Excellence-certified technicians check on your vehicle’s engine and valves. Deposits on engine valves contribute to poor engine performance, and poorly seated valves can lead to engine failure. We will inspect your engine to determine if valves need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. 

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Does your vehicle need valve work? You have turned to the right place at Steve’s Automotive, providing service to Houston Galleria and Metro Houston. Did you know that we have been located in the exact same Houston Galleria location since 1982? We serve the communities of:

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We understand how important properly adjusted valves can be to the efficient operation of your vehicle. Engine valves control the amount of air to enter the chambers of the engine and the amount of exhaust exiting the engine chambers. If the engine valves in your vehicle’s engine are working improperly, you will notice it as it puts a significant drag on you engine and can even cause engine failure. That is why it is so critical to have your engine inspected if you suspect your vehicle has an engine valve problem. There are many ways valves can fail, including bad valve springs, excessively fast and hard driving, bad timing belt and poorly adjusted valves. All valves will eventually wear down and operate poorly, but you can slow down this process by keeping your engine oil clean, using engine additives and staying on a regular preventative maintenance schedule. And, if you notice oil leaking from your engine, get your vehicle checked out right away to prevent the potential of further damage to your engine. 

For Expert Valve Service, Turn to Steve's Automotive

Need valve repair? Go to the place that has been providing expert engine repair and valve servicing since 1982—Steve's Automotive, serving Houston Galleria and Metro Houston. Valve repair is a serious vehicle repair, but working with the valve experts at Steve's Automotive, you will see how the process is the easiest, most convenient and affordable that you can imagine. Get in touch touch with Steve's Automotive for valve repair and servicing for your vehicle.
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